I have been writing all my life. With a torch under the bed clothes when I was a child.

I always have a book to read. I dare not read too much on trains as I could miss my stop. I once was laughing so much at “Captain Underpants” that I did miss my stop.

My newest book is sad in places but it is a love story.

When I am writing I have to keep on changing things to get it right. That is part of the fun.

Young sweethearts are torn apart by War.
Blood Brothers quarrel. Can they make it up? Deafness is a problem.

Need help in difficult times?

Everyone is challenged by them in their life. This book will help.

Reading is fun. It also helps our mental health.

Two boys are blood brothers. One plays a terrible trick on the other. Can friendship survive?

Have a laugh out loud. Davy falls in the latrine. He does not come out smelling of roses.

Can they survive World War 1?

Sweethearts Hilda and Davy are ripped appart when he becomes a Boy Soldier.

She has troubles at home but works as a nurse.

Anne Colledge
You have come to the right place.